Freisa d'Asti Convento

The land

Wine Freisa 100%
Vineyard Single piece of ground named Convento
Ground size 0,5 hectares
Exposure south-east
Soil calcareous soil
Medium production 75 ql/ha

The cellar

Pressing of wine Soft pressing
Maceration about 7 days
Maturation slavonian oak casks and bottles (about 6 months)
Production 1100 bottles

The tasting

The color is intense ruby red with orange reflections typical of the original vine, characteristics that countersign the Freisa d'Asti as an important and fresh wine, slighty tannic. The clearness of these fresh signs is due to the acidity, fundamental parameter of young wines and those from long aging. Freisa d'Asti Convento is a wine for every meal, as they age a few years in bottle, mature in softness and elegance.

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