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Around the year 1920 was born the Azienda Stella, in Costigliole in Asti, in the heart of the Monferrato.

The first producer was Domenico Stella that, besides the art to know how to make the wine, he was teacher of music and since then, the match wine and music is the symbol of the rural tradition of the firm. Just to his founder, the firm has devoted a red wine (Barbera Superiore) and a white both denominated ones "Giaiet" that, in dialect, it means "of yellow-reddish hair".

In origin the activity of the farmhouse had a traditional agricultural formulation, with particular care it turns to the sector of wine. The constant appointment, always turned to the search of the best quality of the vineyard and the wine, is testified by the gold medals, achieved in the year 1928, respectively to the First Show Campionaria of wines of Costigliole in Asti and to the National Food Exposure in Turin.

Today the firm extends itself for around 12 cultivated hectares to Barbera, Dolcetto, Grignolino, for what it pertains to the red berry grapes and Cortese, Chardonnay and Moscato as it regards the berry white variety. Currently the Azienda Agricola Stella is purely an enterprise to familiar management. The holder Giuseppe Stella together with his sons Massimo and Paolo deal with the wine and commercial activities.

Up to a few decades ago, the firm was addressed to the production of genuine wines, already with the idea leading to underline the autochtonous vines, that abound in Piedmont. To demonstration of this it can be noticed that all the wines produced by the firm are of monovitigno or, if uvaggi, derive from autochtonous grapes. Currently the firm produces around 35.000/ 40.000 bottles; in these last years it have been made new fittings, mostly strengthening the barbera that, in the terroire in which the firm is found, it grows very good and door to maturation of the good fruits.



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